Photo post-production for brands and photographers

More than 10 years experience in Photo Retouching & Image Editing

Natural look retouching

make a person look fresh with real skin without making it look over retouched

Draw details if needed

complement the photo with necessary details drawing them for a better concept

Color Composition

produce better images by understanding color theory and color grading

Every great photo needs to be touched up for better looking

About me

I’ve been a photographer and retoucher since 2009. I worked as a wedding and lifestyle photographer and doing a retouch for my photos. I worked in a photo atelier and did print photos after editing as well. After collaboration with a fashion photographer who has created beauty creative portraits, I realized I preferred the post-production side of image-making more and I’ve focused on retouching, especially portraits. Also, I became a freelancer and prefer to find clients from Upwork or from the Internet.

  • High-end beauty skin retouching

  • Frequency separation

  • Dodge&burn

  • Business portrait retouching

  • Сolor enhance and color changing

  • Make photo B&W

  • Photo restoration

  • Natural view editing